“Lives in Different Levels” (started on 24 August 2009) is a scientific hypothesis illustrated the origin of our world. It is a very serious attempt to prove the existence of the God i.e. a supreme being without violating any natural rule. Lives have hierarchies. The universe is actually a mother cell. A being gives birth to the lower level (planets). On the Earth, all living things with the presence of a central nerve system are the offspring (reproduction) accordingly. Meanwhile, we also responsible for carrying out the life cycles of the Earth. We are indivisible. Although human beings are given Free Will by the presence of the brains (self-consciousness), this subject – the Conscious Earth – is capable of manipulating the world. We worshiped her as the God in the past. In fact, her role is correspondent with the cell nucleus.

I have no doubts that this hypothesis will bring great changes to our world. It will be a turning point in human history. Philosophy will have a new understanding of the nature of lives. Its trend of development is very unhealthy now. This breakthrough will guide us back onto the right track (everything has to base on truth, but not exactly realism). Religions will become valuable heritages from both the God and our ancestor. It is a natural course in the development of human civilizations. “Lives in Different Levels” will put an end to all these religious debates. Moreover, this new interpretation of the relationships between the God and the humankind allows us to have a complete new understanding on our history. Scientists may also change their research directions. Almost everything will be rewritten. Last but not least, our recognition of the Earth as a supreme being must be a great pushing factor for birth control (family planning) and green movement (esp. establishing and improving the recycle networks of biomass and the sewage systems in all the big cities around the world). We are not doing the right things now. We are transforming the whole biosphere into human beings and burying the remains. Our ignorance will soon create a bottleneck, which easily provoke a global warfare. I do not deny capitalism for which we have adopted for centuries. We have to invest all the resources and efforts on slowing down the aging / decaying of this planet (desertification / permanently removal of the living tissues). In case, we can enlarge the government sector (preferably public-private partnership) to start a number of large environmental projects. Everything is still under the money economy. The main objective is to pull all the human resources back from producing consumption goods. It is the very first step to let the public to realize our natural role through my scientific approaches (or allow me to introduce it as a discovery).

An Origin Delayed: Conscious Earth has provided the fundamental framework of this hypothesis. However, I need another platform to share my latest findings and other related materials regularly.