Important Notices

5 03 2018

My scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” (started from 2009) was a complete failure.

All websites remain unchanged and stay online for references.

Thank you very much for your kind attentions. God bless everyone!

Reasons for terminations:

  1. Desertification was definitely not a process of aging. It was only a landscape pattern.
  2.  The claims of the natural mechanism of non-competition policies between living planets were not a good stance. Opponents could easily argue that it was the God’s plan.

Introduction 2011

1 01 2011

The world is not a never-ending quest.

Compare the Earth with the Mother Cell. Internal divisions give birth to the lower level of lives (the biosphere – it is also her life cycles). They are divided into two main streams: Offspring (with the central nerve system) & Living tissues (without the central nerve system). The presence of central nerve systems (the thinking region) is the prerequisite for every living thing. The Earth contains nucleus, which is equivalent to the real presence of the God. It was protected by the fluid (liquid under high pressure – magma), which expel all the intrusions. The natural mechanism is almost perfect. The humankind (the offspring and the life cycles) cannot reach the nucleus yet. Meanwhile, the distances between each living planet stop us from other forms of living. It keeps our natural role. If humankind can migrant freely, our presence will be much closer to bacteria. The humankind cannot survive without the cytoplasm (Atmosphere & Hydrosphere – by looking upon the whole system as a unity). Since the desertification (decaying in biology / aging of the planet / permanent removal of the biomass) cannot be recovered , we cannot modify the atmosphere of other planets. The atmosphere comes from the outer space. Volcanic eruptions cannot create the atmosphere alone. At the same time, some scientists claim that algae have changed the atmosphere for enrichment of lives. They did not come from space. They cannot be found in asteroids and metaphors. Hence, the whole structure comes all at once. This is more logical to look upon the Earth as a unity and the biosphere belongs to this planet. The comparisons between the basic unit of lives (the mother cell) and the Earth have given us the general picture of how hierarchy of lives works. The rearing behavior (self-consuming) can be found in all level of lives. The universe burns its substance (the sun) to emit light as the only input of energy of the Earth (E=MC2) . The Earth consumes herself (living tissues) to rear the offspring. In the meantime, the offspring are also responsible for carrying out her life cycles. Life has a start. There must be an end. The natural rules cannot be violated. The God (or such a presence equivalent to this subject / the nucleus / the manipulator) abuses her gifted power from birth to create illusions (psychology). Because everyone is interconnected with this subject, we must have contacts with her once in our lifetime. Many claim the experience as ghosts, the God (according to its definition in various religions) etc. In fact, the Earth is conscious (by applying “Lives in Different Levels”, its presence is the nucleus of this planet and humankind is the life cycles from biological perspective). The Conscious Earth abuses the ability to communicate with us to create illusions. Those who refused to compromise usually go mad. My scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” is the contribution from all the latest research findings and the efforts of all in human history. The world needs a turning point. Otherwise, we will have a tragic ending (the God – Conscious Earth – being laughed by most of us when whispering into our minds, and we all die of overpopulation, overproduction and over-consumption). This is the ultimate truth. Every planet is a single world and all lives end with it. The biosphere (incl. humankind) is the life cycle and it will end eventually. Ones must have to speak out. It is also an excellent research topic.


Water Treatment Engineering Research Team. Desalination Publication Series. Available at

How Many Decades Left?

20 10 2010

We left “twenty” behind or we only have “twenty” left?


Twenty decades


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According to my scientific hypothesis LIVES IN DIFFERENT LEVELS

When consumptions of the biosphere are greater than its recovery, aging (desertification) occurs. Most scientists refer it to the long term imbalance of the local ecosystems. In fact, the ecosystems are interdependent with each other. The aging process scattered around the world but it actually happens all around the globe. Undoubtedly, it is not recoverable. The permanent removal of the living tissues (biomass / biosphere – the life cycle of the Earth) is an ongoing process driven human race to a dead end. Coral reefs are an obvious example of it. They can withstand an environment of 340 ppm CO2. The atmospheric CO2 has already reached 386.80 ppm today. The graph is upward sloping. When it doubles the preindustrial level (approx. 600 ppm), massive death of coral reefs began. They can barely reach 10 meters deep.  There is lack of evidences that the link of photosynthetic organisms (phytoplankton) and the temperature is so tight, but it definitely affects the marine food web. The drift from “diatoms” to “nanophytoplanton” is eroding the base. Meanwhile, the ocean acidification continues. The ocean absorbs more CO2 than the land vegetation. It releases 60-80% oxygen in the atmosphere. On the contrary, organic soils release CO2 (see the experiments in the Biosphere 2). Hence, the increases in CO2 are fatal to all lives on the Earth. The figures just keep on increasing and create a vicious cycle. The increase in CO2 contributes to the death of coral reefs. The coral reefs hypothesis is wrong. The increase in CO2, which is the main ingredient of the coral bones, cannot help them to stay alive from the ocean acidification. The natural mechanism to adjust between the growth of coral reefs and temperature never exists. The increase in CO2 traps heat and contributes to the vicious cycle. Before the life cycle (biosphere) come to an end by the aging process, the rise in temperature contributed by the increase of atmospheric CO2 has changed the climate. It adversely affects the participations. Rivers begin to stop flowing. Billions of people will not have sufficient drinking water. According to the UN report in 1997, about two-thirds of the world population will suffer from medium to high water stress by 2025. At the time being, the world population will reach 8.035 billion (UNFPA). That means around 5.359 billion people will suffer from it. Severe water stress refers to the demand 40% greater than supply. The water desalination consumes high energy and cannot be done with ocean water. Otherwise, it has to be achieved by the way of producing bottled water. It only makes matter worse. Moreover, the ground water is limited and some of these reserves contain salt. The water stress would probably lead us into wars before the Earth die of natural causes (aging / decaying). It is less than 15 years.

Above are my personal observations.

A Brief Summary

5 07 2010

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Updated on 21 February 2011 (UCT+8 23:13)



Are we still evolving? (Origins vol. Jul pg. 87)

As Harvard geneticist Darniel Altshuler wrote in response to one of Sabeti’s articles, “It’s reassuring that differences between the races seem to be mostly skin deep.”

Harvard’s Steven Pinker, the celebrated author of the Blank Slate and an expert on the evolution of language and the mind, addresses that point in an interview in New Scientists magazine [journal]: “People, including me, would rather believe that significant human biological evolution stopped between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago, before the races diverged, which would ensure that racial and ethnic groups are biologically equivalent.”

The above supports the statement I put forward “evolution has reached its peak and cannot go further”.

Rise of the Sources (Nature vol. 465 17 Jun 2010, pg 848)

Ecosystems can be said to have a “metabolism” because their constituent organisms suck in carbon dioxide for use during photosynthesis and release CO2 by respiration. “Sink” ecosystems take in more CO2 than they emit, whereas “source” ecosystems do the opposite – and climate change in predicted to alter the balance between them.

With reference to Lives in Different Levels, the plants are living tissues of the Conscious Earth. The absence of the central nerve systems separated them from the offspring. Be noted that reproduction is one of the prerequisites for every living things. An “ecosystem” mentioned above combined the two, but it does not necessarily foul out the argument. Biosphere is the life cycles. Therefore, both living tissues and her offspring are responsible for metabolism. The situation is similar to every single cell does carry out “metabolism” in modern microbiology. By the structural comparisons between the Earth and the cell in my scientific hypothesis, the living tissues of the Earth i.e. plants carry out photosynthesis to transform the only energy intake i.e. sunlight into energy for her life cycles. The combination of offspring and living tissues to become an ecosystem mentioned above is talking about the balance between the two – living tissues and the offspring – in a particular region. Both “sink-” and “source-”ecosystems have created the balance in order to maintain her life cycles. Hence, there are no contradictions with my hypothesis.

All Life From Eggs

20 06 2010

Omne rivum ex Ovo” – the dictum of seventeenth century physician William Harrey (1578-1657) – Meaning that all life arises from existing life. (David Dreamer, Origin of Life Just Got Closer, Nature, vol. 465, pg 424)

Lives have hierarchies. The higher level of lives gives birth to the lower levels. The whole universe is a living entity. The importance of this scientific hypothesis is the idea of putting the principles and discoveries in micro-biology into the mega scale i.e. our planet Earth. The hidden thread was provided by religions and philosophy e.g. the concepts of Free Will, Destinies and Fates etc., which highlighted the traditional concepts as well as imaginations aroused from the differences in-between the physical presences of the God (a Supreme Being / the Conscious Earth) and the human beings. Hence, this is a huge comprehensive project which covers a wide range of academic subjects.

 ”If a synthetic RNA can be designed to catalyze its own reproduction within an artificial membrane, we really will have created life in the laboratory, perhaps resembling the first forms of life on Earth nearly four billion years ago.” (ibid.)

You can create a new form of life (or your kind by a natural process – reproduction). You can help to slowdown its process of aging. However, you can do nothing against its death. Timeline is the ironic rule. It is similar to the case of the sun. It releases light and heat by burning its own substances. You can do the same thing on the Earth too. It is either nothing mysterious or against natural rules. Conceptual mistakes / common blind spots are fatal. The light blends, but it is not the case for spaces.

“CO2 is less soluble in warm water, so the warming of oceans would lead to its release. The change in solubility cannot fully explain the rise in CO2 at the ends of Ice Ages, though. . . The formation of coral’s carbonate skeletons releases CO2, and a rise in sea level will lead to a burst of reef building, as existing reefs grow upwards and as corals colonize shallow waters where land has been submerged. So accordingly to the ‘coral reef hypothesis’, up to half of the rise in CO2 during ice age termination might be due to coral growth.” – Stephen Battersby, The Great Meltdown, New Scientists (22 May 2010), pg 36.

As the atmospheric CO2 has been sharply increased under the releases of GWH gases now, the ocean absorbs the excess amount of CO2 released from the atmosphere. As a result, the coral reefs [i.e. (organic) living tissues of the Earth in my scientific hypothesis because of the absence of the central nerve systems] are dying. When it comes to the Ice Age, the bloom of coral reefs has contributed to the increases in temperature as mentioned above. The relationship in-between the ocean and atmosphere seems very likely to be a natural mechanism of giving balance to the internal temperature of this giant organism. The dramatic changes in temperature created temporal effects on the species. However, it would trash them by extreme climates. Evolution is an on-going process. We still find some new species nowadays. However, this phenomenon does not cross with my assumption that Evolution is a process of growth of the planet herself. The natural selection of genes has given us a more complicated physical structures as well as a higher intelligence. We are the most intelligent animals on this planet. Evolution has reached its peak and cannot go further. New species rise up without apparent increases in intelligence, which can be examined by their brains. In this case, the history of evolution on (of) this planet has perfectly fitted the meanings of growth.


Below are added on 21 June 2010.

Neuroscience has fully explained consciousness and other emotions. “For Georges Chapouthier, a neurobiologist and director of the Emotion Centre at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, self-awareness means that dolphin and whales, along with some higher primates, can experience not just pain but also suffering.” And humanity relies on How to kill a relatively higher intelligent species? “‘Aside from a narrow focus on killing methods — what type of harpoon grenade, for example, is most humane — ethics or the status of whales as sentient beings do not figure in talks at the IWC,’ she [Margi Prideaux – head of cetacean conservation at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society] said.” Marlowe Hood, Whales closer to us than thought, say scientists, Agence France-Presse, 20 June 2010.

On the whole, the above paragraph has demonstrated how evolution contributed to the levels of intelligence of species. It has reached the peak after human race was found. By referring to the above, my argument “evolution accounts for the occurrence of intelligence and it has reached the peak (by the means of intelligence) and cannot go further after the rise of human beings” has no conceptual mistakes at all.

Furthermore, desertification refers to the removal of biomass due to a long-term imbalance of ecosystem. Correspondingly, it is the decaying (aging) of the Earth. Please read the article Desertification or Aging of a Planet? for details. The whole structure (i.e. the atmosphere and hydrosphere, which are structurally identical to the cytoplasm of this cell-like creature in my hypothesis) has to be seen as a unity. In this case, Biosphere is the “life cycles”. Plate tectonic movements could not be resulted in the continual massive removal of biomass which contributed by the poor recycle networks of the human settlements nowadays.

Nothing Will Come of Nothing

30 05 2010

Weird from Weirdness – NewScientists Iss. 28-May, Cover Story

Waves (X-ray, gamma ray etc.) require a source (the physical presence). In every experiment, scientists need the machines to generate (or to shoot) the electron or pluton. It is a common blind spot to ignore the source in an experiment. It requires an emitter i.e. a solid origin. Hence, the question in-between matter and waves does not exist. The disputes over their contradictions are very clear. Look at the examples below.

(1)  We need epigenome for creating a new life form. However, the intake of epigenome does not necessarily help to natural recovery of our living tissues. Please refer to the Discovery Iss. Jun-2010, pg 213-214.

(2)  It is also similar to the intake of sunlight. Obviously, the sunlight originated from the sun. In this case, it is similar to the source in the experiments.  The emission of light depends on the burning of a substance. No matter what the temperature at and the materials of that particular substance.

(3)  Minds generated from brains i.e. equivalent to a central nerve system in neuroscience and a neuron in a cell with references to the whole-cell biology. The cross-and-effect relationship cannot be reverted.

As a result, the existence of waves cannot be a critical offense against my scientific hypothesis. On the contrary, it can be used as one of the possibilities to explain the transfer of commands of the conscious earth i.e. equivalent to the cell nucleus. In another word, the existence of “waves” may allow her to control the matter inside this planet correspondingly. Meanwhile, the complexity (as well as the size) of the conscious earth allows “her” to process lots of information at the same time. Hence, it makes “her” existence look much more mysterious.

 “It is ALIVE”, the Mars – Discovery Iss. Jun-2010, pg 215-230

As I mentioned previously in another journal An Origin Delayed – A Conscious Earth, there is a research released recently which talks about the new mapping of the Mars. It finds out that the Mars is very likely to have water.

On the Earth, the sea crust cannot touch the mantle without the weight of the ocean. It lifted up. According to my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”, it is very likely to be one of the threads to study the Mars. The transformation of the chemicals inside the Earth is infinite. It’s valid only if it does not have a time limit. However, the living cells (in the forms of lives) do not last forever. The life cycles of this planet would eventually come to an end.

The significance of “Lives in Different Levels” lies on its comparison in-between the planet with a mother cell is that it is a complete new direction of thinking. It makes our minds become much clearer. A time machine, a multi-dimensional space (plus time, there are only four.) and infinite Earth’s life cycle only exist in our imagination. The Earth is a living mother cell tells us one fact that: Truth is everything around. It is something we can see. “Nothing will come of nothing”, Shakespeare’s King Lear (ibid.)

The Mars has a similar structure. However, it is not alive anymore. Life has a start. There must be an end. These natural processes cannot be violated. The internal pressure would eventually dissolve the whole planet (or I have to say — its remains). Theoretically, this process is similar to the biological degrading of the corpses.  In another word, lives must once be existed on the Mars. Moreover, the age of our planet Earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion. The incredible differences in the physical presence in-between this giant organism (a conscious earth) and the human being have created religions by our imaginations.


Please think about the importance of this hypothesis. Lives are lives in different levels. It is a very clear thread for us to track the origin of our universe, which is a mother cell accordingly. Equations cannot help us to find out the creators since the creator herself may also doubt about the origin. Natural phenomenon is all that we can see, but the origin would be too close for the insiders to see. Look at the satellite images. Then return back to the telescopes. Back-and-fro several times, you may begin to understand what I am talking about. It is not a myth anymore with the assistances from the modern technology.


Reputations lay on the nonsense of the people at the time being.

Time will show. History will tell.

History tells because time is running short.


If there is a god, a glorified image should not be what she desires.

The truth is what we need. It saves us from imaginations.

Religions fail to save humanity because there are too many people – Over-population.

ASK if the conscious earth – a mother cell – denied her physical presence, she is not the one we expected. Sooner or later, science will tell us the risk of the total extinction. Her confession would be our relief.



Some may argue that “Lives in Different Levels” is only a series of comparisons among the living organisms on the Earth, the planets and the universe correspondingly. However, it must not be an “unscientific” claim. For instance, creationists may argue that the “blind spot” in our eye balls (on the inner – back – retina) would be the design of the God. For which, it also takes place in our minds (thinking). However, the former one belongs to physical constraint. The latter one does not cause by physical constraint of our brains.

After all, “Lives in Different Levels” is a scientific hypothesis comparing the physical presence of the organisms in different hierarchies respectively.


Below are added on 5th June 2010.


Every single cell has a very complicated structure under the microscopes. Nowadays, modern science tells us that the micro-biology (or it is categorized as the whole-cell biology) has explored the secrets of lives. By applying my scientific hypothesis “Live in Different Levels”, lives have no secrets as all. Definition of living organisms has been deepened and enchanted. By realizing the Earth is a supreme being, it helps us to divide all organisms of the world into two main streams. They are (1) Offspring – they are animals, which carry a central nerve system and (2) Living Tissues – they are plants, which carry out the metabolism of the conscious earth. The debates over algae e.g. fungi and coral reefs have been solved for a pretty while. The absence of the central nerve system is a very decisive factor in the categorization. Scientists call them “prokaryotes”. It plays a subsidiary role for proving my scientific hypothesis. They are regarded as the living tissues of our planet Earth – a supreme being without violating any natural rule e.g. liner time, 3-Dimensional space etc. Eukaryotes, prokaryotes and bacteria are the three domains of life.

The physical presence of this Supreme Being has been exposed by the modern technology i.e. neuroscience. We compare the structure of the planet with a cell. Micro-biology has been magnified to look upon the whole structure of the universe. Although the life-expectancy of the Earth is incredible long, its nature is getting very close to the presence of a mother cell. Therefore, we can apply basic principles in the micro-biology onto the planets. It is a completely new direction as well as a clear thread for us to understand the universe. Let’s look at the latest finding of the complicated functions of a cell in the abstract (Science pg 625) below.

Selective Consumption – “cellular self-digestion or macroautophagy occurs when the cell degrades its internal components . . . avoid the accumulation of potentially toxic protein aggregates, which leads to neurodegenerative diseases, and it serves to recycle nutrients during starvation. A membrane bound organelle – the autophagroom – subsequently fuses with lyso-somes, which provide hydrolytic enzymes . . . Lee at al. have identified a differential requirement for the histone deacetylase HDAC6 in starvation-dependent versus independent macroautophagy. HDAC6 binds F-act-n and microtubules and was previously found to play a role in clearing misfolded proteins from the cell.” EMBO J. 29, 10.1038 / amboj.2009.405 (2010)

From the above, the microscopic life forms can be used as cross references with the planets, which are actually giant organisms. In this case, sunlight is the only energy input. Besides, the internal degrading of the cells is a process similar to the life cycles of the Earth. Bacteria are responsible for disassembling / dissolving the dead bodies and put them back onto the life cycles of the Earth.

A New Vision of Our Universe

22 05 2010

Life has a start.

There must be an end.

I repeat, “Truth is always one.”

By combining the Law of Conservation of Mass and my scientific hypothesis Lives in Different Levels, we have discovered a new vision of our universe. The former one has illustrated how the mass works in a closed system. In this case, we compare our planet Earth with such a closed system and get to a conclusion immediately that the mass on this planet would never be destroyed. To be more specific, the regeneration of our planet can be infinite theoretically. However, it becomes more complicated after the introduction of my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”. The Earth is a supreme being (without violating any natural rules). The binding energy shall not be counted because “system mass is not conserved in this process because the system is not closed during the binding process”. (Wikipedia) This force of disassembling matter helps to carry out the regenerations of our universe. Hence, the regeneration of the Earth is not infinite. By applying “Lives in Different Levels”, our universe is a mother cell – or I have to say – a living being, the procedure of reassembling this planet has been taken place also as the regeneration of the universe. The situation is similar to the one of dissolving/ disassembling a corpse by bacteria on the Earth. In another word, it is equivalent to the process of DEGRADING in biology. The “Conservation of Mass” illustrated that the corpse (or matter) cannot be destroyed totally but they turned out to become other forms. This process is also known as the regeneration of our planet. Accordingly, it refers to the “life cycles” of the Earth in my hypothesis. Then, the universe which is a living thing in a higher level can also dissolve the planets i.e. a relatively lower level of lives by binding energy and transformed them into a new one. It is very likely to be a natural mechanism, which the binding energy is dissolving the dead planets in the solar system. Respectively, the “regenerations” or the “life cycles” of the universe i.e. a mother cell are not infinite. Under my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”, the whole universe is actually a mother cell (a living being / a giant organism) and hierarchies of lives do not sorely depend on our intelligence. The differences in the physical presences among different levels of living things are much larger than this sense. In another word, the whole world is actually a living entity. Instead of the old thinking that the regenerations of the Earth are infinite, my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” implies that the “remains” of planets can be disassembled by binding energy. For every living thing, it must go through the natural process of creation (by birth), growth (i.e. evolution) and death, which is equivalent to a total extinction of the planets. Meanwhile, the higher level of lives (the mother cell – both the universe and planets) dissolved the mass (our remains) and put them back and give birth to (or create) new living things. In which, we call them regenerations i.e. their life cycles in my scientific hypothesis. It helps us to understand more about the formation of new planets and the natural mechanism / the operations of our universe.

The temperatures in other planets are hints.

 “The gravitational binding energy of an object consisting of loose material, held together by gravity alone, is the amount of energy required to pull all of the material apart, to infinity. It is also the amount of energy that is liberated (usually in the form of heat) during the accretion of such an object from material falling from infinity.”  (Wikipedia)

Below is a related scientific research recently.

“This is the first time there is direct evidence that the internal heating (or “tidal heating”) is responsible for puffing up the planet to its current size”, says Douglas C. Lin, one of the authors and a professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz. The tidal forces are also so strong that they’re stripping off planet’s atmosphere at the rate of about 6.6 billion tons per second . . . This material won’t actually fall into the star, but will instead form a disk as the material spirals slowly inward. The planet will likely disappear completely in about 10 million years.” Pulling Apart a Stellar – Astronomy (Magazine), Iss. Apr, pg 21

Correspondingly, it is the degradation in biology. It may lead to the “Ozone Depletion” on our planet Earth. Please refer to the article Ozone – A Self Mechanism of Self Protection for details.

Further investigations proceeding…