Introduction 2011

1 01 2011

The world is not a never-ending quest.

Compare the Earth with the Mother Cell. Internal divisions give birth to the lower level of lives (the biosphere – it is also her life cycles). They are divided into two main streams: Offspring (with the central nerve system) & Living tissues (without the central nerve system). The presence of central nerve systems (the thinking region) is the prerequisite for every living thing. The Earth contains nucleus, which is equivalent to the real presence of the God. It was protected by the fluid (liquid under high pressure – magma), which expel all the intrusions. The natural mechanism is almost perfect. The humankind (the offspring and the life cycles) cannot reach the nucleus yet. Meanwhile, the distances between each living planet stop us from other forms of living. It keeps our natural role. If humankind can migrant freely, our presence will be much closer to bacteria. The humankind cannot survive without the cytoplasm (Atmosphere & Hydrosphere – by looking upon the whole system as a unity). Since the desertification (decaying in biology / aging of the planet / permanent removal of the biomass) cannot be recovered , we cannot modify the atmosphere of other planets. The atmosphere comes from the outer space. Volcanic eruptions cannot create the atmosphere alone. At the same time, some scientists claim that algae have changed the atmosphere for enrichment of lives. They did not come from space. They cannot be found in asteroids and metaphors. Hence, the whole structure comes all at once. This is more logical to look upon the Earth as a unity and the biosphere belongs to this planet. The comparisons between the basic unit of lives (the mother cell) and the Earth have given us the general picture of how hierarchy of lives works. The rearing behavior (self-consuming) can be found in all level of lives. The universe burns its substance (the sun) to emit light as the only input of energy of the Earth (E=MC2) . The Earth consumes herself (living tissues) to rear the offspring. In the meantime, the offspring are also responsible for carrying out her life cycles. Life has a start. There must be an end. The natural rules cannot be violated. The God (or such a presence equivalent to this subject / the nucleus / the manipulator) abuses her gifted power from birth to create illusions (psychology). Because everyone is interconnected with this subject, we must have contacts with her once in our lifetime. Many claim the experience as ghosts, the God (according to its definition in various religions) etc. In fact, the Earth is conscious (by applying “Lives in Different Levels”, its presence is the nucleus of this planet and humankind is the life cycles from biological perspective). The Conscious Earth abuses the ability to communicate with us to create illusions. Those who refused to compromise usually go mad. My scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” is the contribution from all the latest research findings and the efforts of all in human history. The world needs a turning point. Otherwise, we will have a tragic ending (the God – Conscious Earth – being laughed by most of us when whispering into our minds, and we all die of overpopulation, overproduction and over-consumption). This is the ultimate truth. Every planet is a single world and all lives end with it. The biosphere (incl. humankind) is the life cycle and it will end eventually. Ones must have to speak out. It is also an excellent research topic.


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