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5 07 2010

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Are we still evolving? (Origins vol. Jul pg. 87)

As Harvard geneticist Darniel Altshuler wrote in response to one of Sabeti’s articles, “It’s reassuring that differences between the races seem to be mostly skin deep.”

Harvard’s Steven Pinker, the celebrated author of the Blank Slate and an expert on the evolution of language and the mind, addresses that point in an interview in New Scientists magazine [journal]: “People, including me, would rather believe that significant human biological evolution stopped between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago, before the races diverged, which would ensure that racial and ethnic groups are biologically equivalent.”

The above supports the statement I put forward “evolution has reached its peak and cannot go further”.

Rise of the Sources (Nature vol. 465 17 Jun 2010, pg 848)

Ecosystems can be said to have a “metabolism” because their constituent organisms suck in carbon dioxide for use during photosynthesis and release CO2 by respiration. “Sink” ecosystems take in more CO2 than they emit, whereas “source” ecosystems do the opposite – and climate change in predicted to alter the balance between them.

With reference to Lives in Different Levels, the plants are living tissues of the Conscious Earth. The absence of the central nerve systems separated them from the offspring. Be noted that reproduction is one of the prerequisites for every living things. An “ecosystem” mentioned above combined the two, but it does not necessarily foul out the argument. Biosphere is the life cycles. Therefore, both living tissues and her offspring are responsible for metabolism. The situation is similar to every single cell does carry out “metabolism” in modern microbiology. By the structural comparisons between the Earth and the cell in my scientific hypothesis, the living tissues of the Earth i.e. plants carry out photosynthesis to transform the only energy intake i.e. sunlight into energy for her life cycles. The combination of offspring and living tissues to become an ecosystem mentioned above is talking about the balance between the two – living tissues and the offspring – in a particular region. Both “sink-” and “source-”ecosystems have created the balance in order to maintain her life cycles. Hence, there are no contradictions with my hypothesis.