All Life From Eggs

20 06 2010

Omne rivum ex Ovo” – the dictum of seventeenth century physician William Harrey (1578-1657) – Meaning that all life arises from existing life. (David Dreamer, Origin of Life Just Got Closer, Nature, vol. 465, pg 424)

Lives have hierarchies. The higher level of lives gives birth to the lower levels. The whole universe is a living entity. The importance of this scientific hypothesis is the idea of putting the principles and discoveries in micro-biology into the mega scale i.e. our planet Earth. The hidden thread was provided by religions and philosophy e.g. the concepts of Free Will, Destinies and Fates etc., which highlighted the traditional concepts as well as imaginations aroused from the differences in-between the physical presences of the God (a Supreme Being / the Conscious Earth) and the human beings. Hence, this is a huge comprehensive project which covers a wide range of academic subjects.

 ”If a synthetic RNA can be designed to catalyze its own reproduction within an artificial membrane, we really will have created life in the laboratory, perhaps resembling the first forms of life on Earth nearly four billion years ago.” (ibid.)

You can create a new form of life (or your kind by a natural process – reproduction). You can help to slowdown its process of aging. However, you can do nothing against its death. Timeline is the ironic rule. It is similar to the case of the sun. It releases light and heat by burning its own substances. You can do the same thing on the Earth too. It is either nothing mysterious or against natural rules. Conceptual mistakes / common blind spots are fatal. The light blends, but it is not the case for spaces.

“CO2 is less soluble in warm water, so the warming of oceans would lead to its release. The change in solubility cannot fully explain the rise in CO2 at the ends of Ice Ages, though. . . The formation of coral’s carbonate skeletons releases CO2, and a rise in sea level will lead to a burst of reef building, as existing reefs grow upwards and as corals colonize shallow waters where land has been submerged. So accordingly to the ‘coral reef hypothesis’, up to half of the rise in CO2 during ice age termination might be due to coral growth.” – Stephen Battersby, The Great Meltdown, New Scientists (22 May 2010), pg 36.

As the atmospheric CO2 has been sharply increased under the releases of GWH gases now, the ocean absorbs the excess amount of CO2 released from the atmosphere. As a result, the coral reefs [i.e. (organic) living tissues of the Earth in my scientific hypothesis because of the absence of the central nerve systems] are dying. When it comes to the Ice Age, the bloom of coral reefs has contributed to the increases in temperature as mentioned above. The relationship in-between the ocean and atmosphere seems very likely to be a natural mechanism of giving balance to the internal temperature of this giant organism. The dramatic changes in temperature created temporal effects on the species. However, it would trash them by extreme climates. Evolution is an on-going process. We still find some new species nowadays. However, this phenomenon does not cross with my assumption that Evolution is a process of growth of the planet herself. The natural selection of genes has given us a more complicated physical structures as well as a higher intelligence. We are the most intelligent animals on this planet. Evolution has reached its peak and cannot go further. New species rise up without apparent increases in intelligence, which can be examined by their brains. In this case, the history of evolution on (of) this planet has perfectly fitted the meanings of growth.


Below are added on 21 June 2010.

Neuroscience has fully explained consciousness and other emotions. “For Georges Chapouthier, a neurobiologist and director of the Emotion Centre at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, self-awareness means that dolphin and whales, along with some higher primates, can experience not just pain but also suffering.” And humanity relies on How to kill a relatively higher intelligent species? “‘Aside from a narrow focus on killing methods — what type of harpoon grenade, for example, is most humane — ethics or the status of whales as sentient beings do not figure in talks at the IWC,’ she [Margi Prideaux – head of cetacean conservation at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society] said.” Marlowe Hood, Whales closer to us than thought, say scientists, Agence France-Presse, 20 June 2010.

On the whole, the above paragraph has demonstrated how evolution contributed to the levels of intelligence of species. It has reached the peak after human race was found. By referring to the above, my argument “evolution accounts for the occurrence of intelligence and it has reached the peak (by the means of intelligence) and cannot go further after the rise of human beings” has no conceptual mistakes at all.

Furthermore, desertification refers to the removal of biomass due to a long-term imbalance of ecosystem. Correspondingly, it is the decaying (aging) of the Earth. Please read the article Desertification or Aging of a Planet? for details. The whole structure (i.e. the atmosphere and hydrosphere, which are structurally identical to the cytoplasm of this cell-like creature in my hypothesis) has to be seen as a unity. In this case, Biosphere is the “life cycles”. Plate tectonic movements could not be resulted in the continual massive removal of biomass which contributed by the poor recycle networks of the human settlements nowadays.