Nothing Will Come of Nothing

30 05 2010

Weird from Weirdness – NewScientists Iss. 28-May, Cover Story

Waves (X-ray, gamma ray etc.) require a source (the physical presence). In every experiment, scientists need the machines to generate (or to shoot) the electron or pluton. It is a common blind spot to ignore the source in an experiment. It requires an emitter i.e. a solid origin. Hence, the question in-between matter and waves does not exist. The disputes over their contradictions are very clear. Look at the examples below.

(1)  We need epigenome for creating a new life form. However, the intake of epigenome does not necessarily help to natural recovery of our living tissues. Please refer to the Discovery Iss. Jun-2010, pg 213-214.

(2)  It is also similar to the intake of sunlight. Obviously, the sunlight originated from the sun. In this case, it is similar to the source in the experiments.  The emission of light depends on the burning of a substance. No matter what the temperature at and the materials of that particular substance.

(3)  Minds generated from brains i.e. equivalent to a central nerve system in neuroscience and a neuron in a cell with references to the whole-cell biology. The cross-and-effect relationship cannot be reverted.

As a result, the existence of waves cannot be a critical offense against my scientific hypothesis. On the contrary, it can be used as one of the possibilities to explain the transfer of commands of the conscious earth i.e. equivalent to the cell nucleus. In another word, the existence of “waves” may allow her to control the matter inside this planet correspondingly. Meanwhile, the complexity (as well as the size) of the conscious earth allows “her” to process lots of information at the same time. Hence, it makes “her” existence look much more mysterious.

 “It is ALIVE”, the Mars – Discovery Iss. Jun-2010, pg 215-230

As I mentioned previously in another journal An Origin Delayed – A Conscious Earth, there is a research released recently which talks about the new mapping of the Mars. It finds out that the Mars is very likely to have water.

On the Earth, the sea crust cannot touch the mantle without the weight of the ocean. It lifted up. According to my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”, it is very likely to be one of the threads to study the Mars. The transformation of the chemicals inside the Earth is infinite. It’s valid only if it does not have a time limit. However, the living cells (in the forms of lives) do not last forever. The life cycles of this planet would eventually come to an end.

The significance of “Lives in Different Levels” lies on its comparison in-between the planet with a mother cell is that it is a complete new direction of thinking. It makes our minds become much clearer. A time machine, a multi-dimensional space (plus time, there are only four.) and infinite Earth’s life cycle only exist in our imagination. The Earth is a living mother cell tells us one fact that: Truth is everything around. It is something we can see. “Nothing will come of nothing”, Shakespeare’s King Lear (ibid.)

The Mars has a similar structure. However, it is not alive anymore. Life has a start. There must be an end. These natural processes cannot be violated. The internal pressure would eventually dissolve the whole planet (or I have to say — its remains). Theoretically, this process is similar to the biological degrading of the corpses.  In another word, lives must once be existed on the Mars. Moreover, the age of our planet Earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion. The incredible differences in the physical presence in-between this giant organism (a conscious earth) and the human being have created religions by our imaginations.


Please think about the importance of this hypothesis. Lives are lives in different levels. It is a very clear thread for us to track the origin of our universe, which is a mother cell accordingly. Equations cannot help us to find out the creators since the creator herself may also doubt about the origin. Natural phenomenon is all that we can see, but the origin would be too close for the insiders to see. Look at the satellite images. Then return back to the telescopes. Back-and-fro several times, you may begin to understand what I am talking about. It is not a myth anymore with the assistances from the modern technology.


Reputations lay on the nonsense of the people at the time being.

Time will show. History will tell.

History tells because time is running short.


If there is a god, a glorified image should not be what she desires.

The truth is what we need. It saves us from imaginations.

Religions fail to save humanity because there are too many people – Over-population.

ASK if the conscious earth – a mother cell – denied her physical presence, she is not the one we expected. Sooner or later, science will tell us the risk of the total extinction. Her confession would be our relief.



Some may argue that “Lives in Different Levels” is only a series of comparisons among the living organisms on the Earth, the planets and the universe correspondingly. However, it must not be an “unscientific” claim. For instance, creationists may argue that the “blind spot” in our eye balls (on the inner – back – retina) would be the design of the God. For which, it also takes place in our minds (thinking). However, the former one belongs to physical constraint. The latter one does not cause by physical constraint of our brains.

After all, “Lives in Different Levels” is a scientific hypothesis comparing the physical presence of the organisms in different hierarchies respectively.


Below are added on 5th June 2010.


Every single cell has a very complicated structure under the microscopes. Nowadays, modern science tells us that the micro-biology (or it is categorized as the whole-cell biology) has explored the secrets of lives. By applying my scientific hypothesis “Live in Different Levels”, lives have no secrets as all. Definition of living organisms has been deepened and enchanted. By realizing the Earth is a supreme being, it helps us to divide all organisms of the world into two main streams. They are (1) Offspring – they are animals, which carry a central nerve system and (2) Living Tissues – they are plants, which carry out the metabolism of the conscious earth. The debates over algae e.g. fungi and coral reefs have been solved for a pretty while. The absence of the central nerve system is a very decisive factor in the categorization. Scientists call them “prokaryotes”. It plays a subsidiary role for proving my scientific hypothesis. They are regarded as the living tissues of our planet Earth – a supreme being without violating any natural rule e.g. liner time, 3-Dimensional space etc. Eukaryotes, prokaryotes and bacteria are the three domains of life.

The physical presence of this Supreme Being has been exposed by the modern technology i.e. neuroscience. We compare the structure of the planet with a cell. Micro-biology has been magnified to look upon the whole structure of the universe. Although the life-expectancy of the Earth is incredible long, its nature is getting very close to the presence of a mother cell. Therefore, we can apply basic principles in the micro-biology onto the planets. It is a completely new direction as well as a clear thread for us to understand the universe. Let’s look at the latest finding of the complicated functions of a cell in the abstract (Science pg 625) below.

Selective Consumption – “cellular self-digestion or macroautophagy occurs when the cell degrades its internal components . . . avoid the accumulation of potentially toxic protein aggregates, which leads to neurodegenerative diseases, and it serves to recycle nutrients during starvation. A membrane bound organelle – the autophagroom – subsequently fuses with lyso-somes, which provide hydrolytic enzymes . . . Lee at al. have identified a differential requirement for the histone deacetylase HDAC6 in starvation-dependent versus independent macroautophagy. HDAC6 binds F-act-n and microtubules and was previously found to play a role in clearing misfolded proteins from the cell.” EMBO J. 29, 10.1038 / amboj.2009.405 (2010)

From the above, the microscopic life forms can be used as cross references with the planets, which are actually giant organisms. In this case, sunlight is the only energy input. Besides, the internal degrading of the cells is a process similar to the life cycles of the Earth. Bacteria are responsible for disassembling / dissolving the dead bodies and put them back onto the life cycles of the Earth.