A New Vision of Our Universe

22 05 2010

Life has a start.

There must be an end.

I repeat, “Truth is always one.”

By combining the Law of Conservation of Mass and my scientific hypothesis Lives in Different Levels, we have discovered a new vision of our universe. The former one has illustrated how the mass works in a closed system. In this case, we compare our planet Earth with such a closed system and get to a conclusion immediately that the mass on this planet would never be destroyed. To be more specific, the regeneration of our planet can be infinite theoretically. However, it becomes more complicated after the introduction of my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”. The Earth is a supreme being (without violating any natural rules). The binding energy shall not be counted because “system mass is not conserved in this process because the system is not closed during the binding process”. (Wikipedia) This force of disassembling matter helps to carry out the regenerations of our universe. Hence, the regeneration of the Earth is not infinite. By applying “Lives in Different Levels”, our universe is a mother cell – or I have to say – a living being, the procedure of reassembling this planet has been taken place also as the regeneration of the universe. The situation is similar to the one of dissolving/ disassembling a corpse by bacteria on the Earth. In another word, it is equivalent to the process of DEGRADING in biology. The “Conservation of Mass” illustrated that the corpse (or matter) cannot be destroyed totally but they turned out to become other forms. This process is also known as the regeneration of our planet. Accordingly, it refers to the “life cycles” of the Earth in my hypothesis. Then, the universe which is a living thing in a higher level can also dissolve the planets i.e. a relatively lower level of lives by binding energy and transformed them into a new one. It is very likely to be a natural mechanism, which the binding energy is dissolving the dead planets in the solar system. Respectively, the “regenerations” or the “life cycles” of the universe i.e. a mother cell are not infinite. Under my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”, the whole universe is actually a mother cell (a living being / a giant organism) and hierarchies of lives do not sorely depend on our intelligence. The differences in the physical presences among different levels of living things are much larger than this sense. In another word, the whole world is actually a living entity. Instead of the old thinking that the regenerations of the Earth are infinite, my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” implies that the “remains” of planets can be disassembled by binding energy. For every living thing, it must go through the natural process of creation (by birth), growth (i.e. evolution) and death, which is equivalent to a total extinction of the planets. Meanwhile, the higher level of lives (the mother cell – both the universe and planets) dissolved the mass (our remains) and put them back and give birth to (or create) new living things. In which, we call them regenerations i.e. their life cycles in my scientific hypothesis. It helps us to understand more about the formation of new planets and the natural mechanism / the operations of our universe.

The temperatures in other planets are hints.

 “The gravitational binding energy of an object consisting of loose material, held together by gravity alone, is the amount of energy required to pull all of the material apart, to infinity. It is also the amount of energy that is liberated (usually in the form of heat) during the accretion of such an object from material falling from infinity.”  (Wikipedia)

Below is a related scientific research recently.

“This is the first time there is direct evidence that the internal heating (or “tidal heating”) is responsible for puffing up the planet to its current size”, says Douglas C. Lin, one of the authors and a professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz. The tidal forces are also so strong that they’re stripping off planet’s atmosphere at the rate of about 6.6 billion tons per second . . . This material won’t actually fall into the star, but will instead form a disk as the material spirals slowly inward. The planet will likely disappear completely in about 10 million years.” Pulling Apart a Stellar – Astronomy (Magazine), Iss. Apr, pg 21

Correspondingly, it is the degradation in biology. It may lead to the “Ozone Depletion” on our planet Earth. Please refer to the article Ozone – A Self Mechanism of Self Protection for details.

Further investigations proceeding…