Thomas Edison has a Light Bulb. I have a Conscious Earth.

15 05 2010



“Shinya Yamasaka (University of Kyoto) has discovered the induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in August 2006. It is the cure to human diseases, such as type 1 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsous disease.” (Ronald Hochedlinger, Your Inner Healers, Scientific American May 2010; pg 30) For instance, “skin stem cells are responsible for regrowing our skin and hair every few weeks”.

A Successful Attempt: “In 1998, nuclear transfer has received considerable attention as a possible means of producing custom tailored pluripotent to replace any tissue damaged through injury or disease.”

Another Setback: “Yamasaka’s team members discovered, for example, that one third of the mice that they had generated by injecting iPSCs into developing mouse embryos late formed cancers as a consequence of residual retrovirus activity.”

Violating the natural rules (in this case, it is the process of aging) must have side-effects. Applying it on my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”, our planet Earth also has to pay the price. This mechanism (our global eco-system) is a unity. We cannot separate it into segments. The biosphere is carrying out the life-cycles of the Earth, which similar to our bodies. Once the life-cycles have run out of resources (nutrients on land), the Earth will start decaying. In another word, she starts aging. Nutrients on land will rush to the sea by run-offs. It benefited the organisms in ocean. Hence, it created a perfect balance. To be more specific, it is more likely that lands have been formed at the very beginning. Instead of the old thinking that volcanic activities have changed the global environment and created the ocean, the latter one might also appear at the very beginning. It helps us to understand have a more thorough understanding about the creation of our planet Earth.


Nagio Nassar, Breeding Casava to Feed the Poor, pg 60-5

ADVANTAGES: (1) Cassava requires low investment in capital and labor. It tolerates drought and acid or infertile soils fairly well; quickly recovers from damage caused by pests and disaries; and is efficient at converting the suris energy into carbohydrates. (2) In fact, whereas the edible part of crops is at least only 35 percent of the plants total dry weight, in cassava it is about 80 percent. (3) Moreover, cassava can be planted at any time of the year, and harvesting can be delayed by months or even by a year.

We have a child dies of hunger every 5 seconds and another one dies of water-related diseases every 20 seconds. Shortage of clean water and food supplies is an immediate crisis. We have no food and water soon. Believe in the scientific data and warnings. It is estimated that two-thirds of world’s population will face severe to moderate water scarcity. As hopeful teenagers, we must have the passions to care about the world and the courage to turn our dreams into actions. You are working for living, not living to work. Look at the children. Look at the satellite images of our Mother Earth.

Thomas Edison has a Light Bulb. I have a Conscious Earth.